For The Love Of Dancers

May 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

As a child I was always in love with music and dance.  My parents were very musical people.  My dad could sing and did so well all of the time.  My mom sang, played guitar and piano.  There was always music in our home.  I, however, did not inherit ANY musical talent whatsoever.  What I did have was a strong love of dance and movement.  To this day I love to watch the gorgeous lines that our bodies make and the talent of a dancer.  I danced for a while growing up but not long enough for it to be ingrained in my muscle memory.  I do still love the way I feel when I am dancing though.  

I tell you all of this to explain why I get so excited when I get to photograph dancers.  Especially the tiny dancers whose talent is just beginning to shine through.  For the last year or so, I have had the immense honor to photograph a set of these girls.  It all started with a very talented little girl named Gwendalynn (whom by the way I will be shooting in a couple weeks so be watching for her blog) and it has grown from there.  The two little ladies featured in this blog are very special to me.  There bond with each other is very sweet to watch.  They lift each other up and they tell each other the absolute truth (even if it hurts a little).  They have very supportive parents who encourage their love of dance every step of the way.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures.  I surely enjoy watching the two of them giggle and dance.  Most of all I love how you can see the joy in their faces when they are dancing.  It's apart of their soul and it's a beautiful thing.  Dance tiny!!!!


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I am so touched by this blog, I put my everything into my tiny dancers and I am so glad that they have been captured so beautifully by you Kierstyn. Jade and Anna will have memories forever!!! Dance tiny dancer dance!!!
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