Gwenny Is Ready To Fly

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To say I adore this little girl is putting it mildly!  To call her a little girl anymore is truly stretching it.  She's a gorgeous young lady with an incredible heart and a beautiful soul.  We set out for her "just because" and headshot shoot just the two of us.  It's rare that I get this chance one on one but I gotta say I love it.  That time let's the person be who they are and helps me to keep them on point.  We had an absolutely fabulous time together.  We drove all over Virginia Beach and shot in the places we thought would best suit her.

You will notice there are pictures of her on an abandoned train and some train tracks.  These are NOT live tracks and that is the only way I would've taken these shots.  (DISCLAIMER:  It is unsafe and illegal to shoot on live tracks)

See, Gwenny is a dancer.  A very talented dancer with so much love for dance that it just radiates.   Her passion is ballet but she loves it all.  She's smart, funny, sassy, elegant, coordinated (which I am soooo not), inquisitive and just an all around joy to be around.  She also shared with me her love of photography.  She showed me some shots she's taken with her iPhone and I just have to say...she's got a great eye.  I mean I kinda want to be her when I grow up.  If this girl isn't your bestie...she should be.

Her mom let me know she wanted a shoot that showed the world she is more than just a dancer.  We chose to go a little edgier with parts of this shoot and a little softer in other areas to make sure we got both sides of her personality.  I absolutely love the results and Gwenny and her family did too!  I can't wait to see where in the world her dancing takes her and how high she flies when she spreads her wings but for now I'm just enjoying watching her grow into the incredible woman she is already starting to be.

Here are some of my favorite shots from her shoot.  I hope you love them!

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untitled-194 B&Wuntitled-194 B&W

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