Precious Little Girls

June 04, 2015  •  1 Comment

Let me introduce you to three (four if you include their mama and I surely do) of the most beautiful little ladies I have had the pleasure to photograph.  They are Eliza, Odette, and Isselle (Izzy) with their gorgeous Mama Jenna.  Each one has their own personality and it's vibrant in it's uniqueness.  Eliza is busy and sweet and talkative.  Odette is a diva but so curious and sweet.  Isselle is very serious and when she smiles it brightens your day.  Their Mama is amazing chasing around these sweet girls while Daddy is off serving our country knowing his girls are in her safe and capable hands!  

I had so much fun during their shoot.  We had some shyness and one short meltdown (which is totally to be expected with little ones) and then the fun began thanks to a sweet little lady bug that Eliza found and gave to Odette.  That ladybug saved our day.  Once Odette had that ladybug she was all smiles for me and for the camera.  Isselle found a pine cone to keep her heart happy.  Miss Eliza was just comfortable in front of the camera and loving on her sisters.  

I thoroughly enjoyed watching these girls play and interact with each other and their loving Mama.  I hope you enjoy their pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  

Meet Miss Eliza - Biggest Sister and proud of it!

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Then there is Miss Odette - no middle child syndrome here.  She's full of life.

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Last but by no means least is Miss Isselle (Izzy) with all of her quiet demeanor

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and here are some of the fun shots we got of them all together 

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Lady Bug Love

untitled-106untitled-106 untitled-116untitled-116

untitled-121untitled-121 What's a fun photo shoot without a piggy face


or sticking out your tongue untitled-153untitled-153

Or jumping on Mama untitled-165untitled-165 untitled-158 copyuntitled-158 copy untitled-163untitled-163



Oh my gosh, too adorable!!! Love their outfits :D
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