The Caswell's at The Narrow's

August 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hey folks!  I hope this blog post finds you all to be having a fantastic day.  I wanted to start the week out right by sharing with you a recent session I had with some of my husband and I's best friends.  We have known Rob for pretty close to 17 years.  I was pregnant with our daughter Ashley when Eric and Rob met and served together on the USS Princeton.  As a matter of fact, our Ashley was named after his daughter.  We even chose our orders here in Virginia over 10 years ago now (WOW can't believe it's been that long) to be closer to Rob.  As he had become more like family to us.  Our daughter even lovingly refers to him as "Uncle Buttface".  

When Rob married Sherrie it all came full circle.  They make a beautiful blended family.  Sherrie has become like a sister to me and all of their children are so full of personality, which makes for an even tighter bond between our families.  We have faced a lot over the last few years ranging from day to day life up to life threatening surgeries and very scary moments.  Through it all we find it just second nature to support one another.  I hope they know just how much we love them and that we will always be there whenever they need us.

When Sherrie asked me take family pictures of them, it was more than a given.  I was excited.  Now getting Uncle Buttface to smile might prove a challenge but I was sure I was up for the job and I did succeed for at least a few of them.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that day.


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