The Importance of the Holiday Photography Session

November 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So recently someone said to me "why would I spend money on pictures at the holidays? I have so many presents and such to buy that I can't afford to do this too."  This struck me as both sad and odd.  When did we become a society that cares more about stuff than we do about memories and cherishing each other.  Stop whatever you are doing right now and look around.  Are your little ones sitting near growing by leaps and bounds from where they were last year?  Is your teen preparing to leave the nest?  Is your spouse still by your side supporting you every step of the way?  Is your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance excited for what your future adventure holds?  Are you expecting your first, second, third, etc child?  Aren't these moments to be celebrated?  Documented?


When my father passed away four years ago, my sister and I sat with boxes and boxes of family candid photos.  We were able to pull out 20 photos of my dad.  Of those twenty photos, four were of he and I, four or five were of my sister and him and two of them were of my whole family together.  This was so sad to me.  Why didn't we take the time to document him in our lives.  I looked through those same boxes recently and noticed the photos of my mom are even smaller in numbers.  This really struck me.  I don't remember what I got for Christmas in 1984.  I do remember my Uncle ringing sleigh bells outside my window.  I remember laughing and playing with my cousins.  I remember my parents singing for all of our family and friends.  Those memories hold stronger meaning to me than any cabbage patch or party dress ever could have.


Take some time at the end of every year to celebrate another year and all you accomplished or came through that year.  Celebrate your child's milestones, your milestones or even overcoming some hardships.   Life is there to be embraced and celebrated.  Remember what the season is about.  What is most important to you, that gift of this or that under the tree or memories shared with the ones you love.    Not to make great gifts for your family and close friends.  Who doesn't love getting a great holiday card with pictures of the people you care about inside?  I know I do.


So go out and find your favorite local photographer (pick me, pick me) and schedule that photo session.  I promise you will be glad you did.  Happy Holidays!!!






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