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Russell Maternity Fun

February 16, 2015  •  2 Comments

Every once in awhile a new client comes into my world and just kind of leaves an imprint.  This was the case with the Russell's.  Their spirit is completely infectious.  They have the greatest personalities and the warmest smiles.  Their love for each other is so fun to watch.  The love they have for little Daniela is a direct reflection of their love for each other.  This couple has already overcome many obstacles including being a dual military family stationed in separate states and many miles away from each other.  They clearly take their limited time together and enjoy every moment.

For their session, we met at the Virginia Tech Arboretum.  When we got there the temperature was pretty close to frigid but they were rip roaring and ready to go.  They took off their layers without complaint and braved not just the cold and the hike into the arboretum and through the trees that I took them on.  We experienced rain, snow and some sunshine throughout the one and a half hour shoot.  The response from the Russell's wasn't a plea to stop.  It was "what's next" and "how cool that we experienced three of the four seasons in one hour".  They left this wonderful attitude with me.  The reminder that there is always a silver lining.  What a fantastic couple they are and I am so very sure sweet, little Daniela is going to be the apple of their eyes and the person who makes their world go around.  I hope this sweet girl has her mom's beautiful eyes and her daddy's infectious smile.  There's no doubt her big puppy sister will make sure she's always safe and warm.  

Special thanks to Angel Dibbs for her fabulous assisting work.  Here are some of the fun shots we got that day.  Enjoy!

untitled-78untitled-78KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY    untitled-19untitled-19KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-41untitled-41KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY   untitled-51untitled-51KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-44untitled-44KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY   untitled-54untitled-54KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-62untitled-62KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-116untitled-116KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY

This is my favorite shot.  It's so imperfect technically but it really shows how wonderfully happy she is.  I read a blog recently by Sharon Hundley in which she said you should never put your camera down during your sessions because you can miss the great candid moments.  That really hit home with me and I practiced it during this session.  That is how this fantastic photo came to be.

untitled-139untitled-139KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-149untitled-149KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-165untitled-165KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY   untitled-90untitled-90KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY

Gorgeous, Perfect sun flare

untitled-134untitled-134KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY   untitled-196untitled-196KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY

Another one of the fantastic, not putting my camera down moments.

untitled-92untitled-92KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-104untitled-104KIKI'S PHOTOGRAPHY


Kelly Prince(non-registered)
These are awesome pictures! I would like to order some of them. Could you please let me know how? You can send me info to the email below. I am Dusten's mom BTW... Thanks for the best memeories!
Amy parrish(non-registered)
These were incredible photos. Beautiful couple. Love the one with the dog on top of her. Her laugh and smile says it all. Keep doing what you are doing you art is beautiful!
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