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A Family Full of Personalities

September 03, 2015  •  2 Comments

Every once in awhile I get a family shoot that is outside of the norm and it just rocks my socks.  When I headed to meet the Clauser Family for their shoot, I thought oh this will be a quick, easy shoot and off I will go.  I never imagined the personalities and energy that Jeremy and Christina would bring with them.  All four of them were excited and ready to get some pictures taken.  However, when you are working with a three and four year old, there is bound to be some chasing and distractions.  Especially on a fun beach with shells to find and sand to run your toy car through.  Their youngest Nate was all about playing cars and seeing everything.  Their gorgeous daughter, Holly with her flowing curls and long lashes was all about cheesing for my camera until she found a seashell she liked and then it was sandy fingers and "look what I found mom".  So I rolled with it and decided to shoot a more journalistic style with the kids and just talked to them and kept that camera up to my face to make sure I caught any eye contact and occasionally asked them to look up and smile.  Oddly enough, the one's where they are just doing their thing or were talking to me are the best memories for me.  I hope for them too!  What I loved most about this session was how they all four laughed together and found joy in the little things.  They were so genuine and so much fun to shoot.  I left reminding myself that every shoot is unique and every family that comes to me a blessing.  This family made me feel blessed, more than they will ever know.  I just love capturing people as they really are so they can look back at the photos in years to come and say "that was a fun day" and not just remember that they had photos taken that day.  I hope you enjoy these fun photos that as Christina put it "captured our wacky family".


Meet the Clauser's (Holly, Jeremy, Christina and Nate) KMP_5465KMP_5465

Jeremy and Christina have the best smiles, don't they?

KMP_5377KMP_5377 KMP_5511KMP_5511


Meet Mr. Nate who loves his car and made the most hysterical face every time I told him to smile! (this is the face)

KMP_5472KMP_5472 KMP_5455KMP_5455 KMP_5453KMP_5453


Sweet Miss Holly who made me fall in love with her free spirit and curls (and can you see those beautiful eye lashes)


KMP_5395KMP_5395 KMP_5401KMP_5401


Because sometimes it's just time to jump around!

KMP_5475KMP_5475 KMP_5476KMP_5476

and run up and down a hill repeatedly


KMP_5403KMP_5403 KMP_5450KMP_5450 KMP_5406 B&WKMP_5406 B&W KMP_5448 B&WKMP_5448 B&W

KMP_5428KMP_5428 KMP_5434KMP_5434

Daddy's Little Girl through and through


Sometimes that lovely shot takes one....two...

KMP_5492KMP_5492 KMP_5493KMP_5493



 and then you just embrace the crazy


So much thanks to this beautiful family for their sacrifices and service to our country and for supporting my small business! KMP_5463KMP_5463


Melissa Lynn Hunt(non-registered)
What a sweet session on the beach!! Thank you so much for sharing your post in Rising Tide Keirstyn!! It's great to be connected with you! :)
What a fun group they seem to be! Great stuff Kierstyn :)
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