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Braydon Turns One!

September 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

OH MY GOODNESS Y'ALL!!!!  I cannot tell you how incredibly fun this session was.  This little man had me in awe.  I photographed Braydon when he was just a brand new little guy during a family fall mini session last year.  He was a sweet baby but nothing like the little man I met at Hunt Club Farms this past weekend.  Let me just tell you how amazing he is.  This sweet boy is full of smiles, curiosity and pretty much everything that involves dirt and rocks.  He is all boy and in his daddy's heart he is all country boy.  

We walked around the Hunt Club Farm and I let him dictate his session.  I find when you are working with little guys that's the best way.  They will find their happiness and give you all those million dollar smiles when you are patient and give them the space they need.  Yes we had some posed shots to take but quite honestly we put him in the situation and let him determine how it was going to go.  Every photo you see is just Braydon being his true, beaming, sunshiny self.  We even were blessed with a small rafter of turkeys cut through one of our shots and we just went with it.  

I think my favorite part of this session was as we were waiting for the sun to set just a little further down in the sky.  We had set Braydon on the ground to sort of play and be himself while his parents and I chit chatted about life.  All the while I laid on the ground with my camera up close to my face and pointed towards Braydon.  I didn't want to miss a moment and I am so glad I didn't.  This baby loved dirt so much that he began eating it...which we pretty much anticipated.  However, I thought he would take one taste and spit it out and be done.  Nope!  That baby loved his dirt and ate bite after bite.  Krista (mama) encouraged me to keep snapping away because that's who Braydon is and capturing who he is was the point of celebrating his first year.

As we ended our session, Krista and Jared let me know they are being transferred out of the area.  This is the hardest part of loving to photograph our military families.  Seeing my favorite families move away.  I hope our paths cross again someday Willer Family!  It has been an absolute joy capturing some of your moments in the last year.  XOXO


This is a photo from that session almost one year ago.


KMP_6680KMP_6680 KMP_6696KMP_6696 KMP_6673KMP_6673 KMP_6702KMP_6702

KMP_6712KMP_6712 KMP_6730KMP_6730


and sometimes digging in the dirt is more fun than watching your daddy jump around like a monkey KMP_6728KMP_6728

Braydon says "hey girl hey!  Yeah I know I'm cute"

KMP_6758KMP_6758 KMP_6746KMP_6746

Dancing Baby

KMP_6768KMP_6768 KMP_6773KMP_6773 KMP_6779KMP_6779

Mommy has the quick magic after a tiny stumble

KMP_6782KMP_6782 KMP_6785KMP_6785

Check out that sweet turkey


Oh look....DIRT! KMP_6792KMP_6792

Wait...did you see that Turkey???? KMP_6793KMP_6793 Daddy has the quick magic, as well!

KMP_6814KMP_6814 KMP_6815KMP_6815

This baby loved him some tractor (don't worry mama was hanging onto him the whole time) KMP_6825KMP_6825 YUMMY YUMMY

KMP_6844KMP_6844 KMP_6855KMP_6855 KMP_6856KMP_6856 KMP_6868KMP_6868 KMP_6925KMP_6925 "What mama?  I'm not doin' nuffin"

KMP_6937KMP_6937 KMP_6950KMP_6950 KMP_6969KMP_6969

This sweet boy is full of laughter, love and sunshiny happiness!  What a blessing! KMP_6885KMP_6885 KMP_6879KMP_6879




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