The Robinson's Got Hitched!!!

September 23, 2015  •  5 Comments

Every once in awhile you get one of those weddings.  The one you walk away from laughing and thinking..."did I even work tonight?".  THIS was one of those weddings.  Everything just fell together nicely.  Their church community and family came together to make an incredibly beautiful day for them and thought of every sweet little detail. That's not to say there weren't bumps in the road.  Like literally running across the church to get into position because the ceremony started without notice while you were changing your flash batteries (yeah that happened), a best man who decided at the last minute not to be in the wedding and one of the grooms children having to leave immediately following the ceremony.  Despite the little bumps in their road, Charles and Knikeya just sort of skipped right over them and kept on going.   


The wedding was decorated in beautiful, vibrant purples and bright blues.  Knikeya's dress wasn't traditional in that it was knee length and there was no veil but that doesn't mean it was any less elegant.  It had these gorgeous accents and when she twirled it flew up in the sweetest way.  Her shoes and jewelry sparkled like the crown jewels and her make up was flawless.  The colors and patterns in Charles' bow tie, boutonniere and pocket square were so different but also coordinated everything together absolutely perfectly.  His beard was perfectly groomed and his smile was wide.


Their ceremony included the tradition of sharing communion but also something new (at least to me) of building a cross together.  I thought this was a beautiful moment and spoke volumes of how their shared faith is an anchor in their relationship.  It was a perfectly timed ceremony and one of my favorite parts was watching all of the guests outstretch their hands towards the happy couple to bless their union.  It spoke volumes to the support they have behind them.


The reception was literally full of laughter, dancing and friendship.  I'm almost positive the bride and groom stopped and chatted with each guest and had us take pictures of them with each guest that they could.  Yet they still found time to dance their hearts out, laugh loudly, enjoy their toasts and completely celebrate their special moments.  I don't think I will ever forget finally getting a smile out of her Dad (he was a very serious man) and her sweet, gorgeous Grandmother asking me to take a photo with her disposable camera (which I of course obliged). 


I wish for them a lifetime of love, so much laughter their sides hurt, health and blessings!  I thank them for allowing Angel and I to be a small part and a witness to their very special day.


Please enjoy some of the pictures we took that day.  So much thanks to my amazing second shooter, Angel Marie Dibbs for always backing me up, convincing me to let her (ok demanding) take photos in the weeds and for rolling with my crazy.  

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louise Ross(non-registered)
Stunning photos with gorgeous details caught! love!
Katie Whitcomb(non-registered)
Love this wedding. So many beautiful colors and a beautiful couple!
Wow! You can tell you guys had a blast! Such a fun wedding! You did a lovely job capturing those very special moments and perfect details.
The bride and groom asked guests to please allow them to share their wedding pics first (rightfully so, of course). My Lord, it was worth the wait. KPP is did an amazing job. I dare to say that the apparent love between the new Mr. and Mrs. Robinson made the job, perhaps, a little easier. Nevertheless, these moments were captured with a well trained artistic eye.. A "Congratulations" AND a "Thank You" are in order. Congrats on your new life together. Thank you for introducing me to my new photographer.
Yvette Isler(non-registered)
So beautiful. I remember when you were praying about this and now it's come to pass. Congrats to you guys
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